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Product Price Ships as
uDW 50 USD Parcel
DriveWire deluxe adapter 32 USD Parcel
DriveWire adapter 20 USD Letter
+32KB memory expansion 25 USD Letter
SD card for uDW 12 USD Letter
EPROM adapter 10 USD Letter
Chip puller 3 USD Letter
USB extension cable (retractable) 3 USD Letter


Regular postal service (Swiss Post) is used unless otherwise agreed.

Shipment Europe World
Registered, Priority parcel 20 USD 26 USD
Priority parcel (no tracking) 16 USD 22 USD
Economy parcel (no tracking) 12 USD 14 USD
Registered, Priority letter 9 USD 10 USD
Economy letter (no tracking) 4 USD 5 USD

A parcel has the above shipping rate up to 500 g. Letter price above is for up to 50 g, for multiple items it might be higher. Generally I charge the actual postage rate plus the box/envelope packaging, rounded up.

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